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    Contribution to arsenic solid phase speciation in soils and mine wastes
    Alteration of arsenopyrite in soils under different vegetation covers
    Arsenic in contaminated soils and anthropogenic deposits at the Mokrsko, Roudný, and Kašperské Hory gold deposits, Bohemian Massif (CZ)
    Diel variation of arsenic, molybdenum and antimony in a stream draining natural As geochemical anomaly
    Fluxes of Arsenic in Soil-Water System at the Čelina-Mokrsko Gold District, Bohemian Massif
    Kapradina milující arzen : Rostlinný hyperakumulátor čistí zamořenou půdu
    Microbial effects on the release and attenuation of arsenic in the shallow subsurface of a natural geochemical anomaly
    Mineralogical and geochemical controls of arsenic speciation and mobility under different redox conditions in soil, sediment and water at the Mokrsko-West gold deposit, Czech Republic
    Modified aluminosilicates as low-cost sorbents of As(III) from anoxic groundwater
    Parageneses and Crystal Chemistry of Arsenic Minerals
    Removal of arsenate and selenite from aqueous solution using nano-amorphous iron-titanium hydrous oxide
    Secondary arsenic minerals in the environment: A review
    Some trace elements in coal of the Czech Republic, environment and health protection implications
    Sorption of As(V) on aluminosilicates treated with Fe(II) nanoparticles
    Výzkum arsenové deponie na lokalitě Přebuz - druhý výskyt kaatialaitu v České republice
    Weathering and erosion fluxes of arsenic in watershed mass budgets
    Weathering of As-rich rocks in the Čelina-Mokrsko gold district, Bohemian Massif (CZ)