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    borehole temperatures
    Climate change in Kamchatka, evidence from the underground
    Climate change in the Urals inferred from borehole temperature data
    Climate change of the last 2000 years inferred from borehole temperatures: data from Finland
    Climate reconstruction from subsurface temperatures demonstrated on example of Cuba
    A comparative study of geothermal and meteorological records of climate change in Kamchatka
    Composite surface temperature history from simultaneous inversion of borehole temperatures in western Canadian plains
    Effect of postglacial warming seen in high precision temperature log deep into the granites in NE Alberta
    Evidence of climatic warming in the southern Urals region derived from borehole temperatures and meteorological data
    Ground surface temperature history at a single site in southern Portugal reconstructed from borehole temperatures
    Ground surface warming history in northern Canada inferred from inversions of temperature logs and comparison with other proxy climate reconstructions
    Large ground warming in the Canadian Arctic inferred from inversions of temperature logs
    The Little Ice Age signature and subsequent warming seen in borehole temperature logs versus solar forcing model
    Measured versus simulated transients of temperature logs - a test of borehole climatology
    Opazovanje segrevanja podzemlja in povezanosti temperatur zraka in tal v Sloveniji
    Paleoclimatic reconstructions in western Canada from borehole temperature logs: surface air temperature forcing and groundwater flow
    Recurrence quantification analysis of borehole temperatures: evidence of fluid convection
    Repeated temperature logs from Czech, Slovenian and Portuguese borehole climate observatories
    Report International Workshop. Borehole temperatures and climate changes
    Signature of the last ice age in the present subsurface temperatures in the Czech Republic and Slovenia
    Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin temperature-depth transients from repeated well logs: evidence of recent decade subsurface heat gain due to climatic warming