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    carbon-carbon composite
    Applied for Assesing the Stres Distribution in the Intervertebral Cages
    Biocompatibility of C-C Composites Covered with PyC and pHEMA
    Biological and biomechanical properties of the carbon composite and polyethylene implant materials
    Biomechanical and biological properties of the implant material carbon-carbon composite covered with pyrolytic carbon
    Interlaminar shear strength of textile reinforced carbon-carbon composite
    Intervertebral Cages Based on Carbon-Carbon Composites - Experimental Measurements
    Mechanical Testing of Carbon-Carbon Composite for Applications in Human Spine Surgery in the Form of Intervertebral Cages
    Role of carbon fabric in carbon-carbon composite reinforcement
    X-ray structure analysis and elastic properties of a fabric reinforced carbon-carbon composite