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    magnetic properties
    Magnetická stabilita systému malých částic hematitu
    Change of magnetic properties due to fluctuations of hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater in unconsolidated sediments
    Environmental record in detrital cave sediments in the Botovskaya and Dolganskaya Jama caves (Russian Federation)
    Evidence for Terrestrial Magnetic Contamination of the Chondritic Meteorites
    High-Ti basaltic rocks in the uplifted shoulder of the Ohre (Eger) Rift, western Bohemia/Saxony
    Identification of magnetic particulates in road dust accumulated on roadside snow using magnetic, geochemical and micro-morphological analyses
    The Influence of Terrestrial Environment on meteorite Magnetic Records
    Low-temperature magnetic properties of the Neuschwanstein EL6 meteorite
    Magnetic characteristics of synthetic pseudo-single-domain and multi-domain greigite (Fe3S4)
    Magnetic fraction in PM10 from sites with different environmental stress: daily and seasonal variations
    Magnetic fraction in PM10: identification and characterisation
    Magnetic measurements of PM10 and their potential for monitoring environmental stress
    Magnetic parameters of forest top soils in Krkonoše Mountains, Czech Republic
    Magnetic particles in soils as tracers of human activity - a review
    Magnetic properties of agricultural soils in dependence of land use
    Magnetic properties of alluvial soils contaminated with lead, zinc and cadmium
    Magnetic Properties of Chondritic Meteorites and the Terrestrial Weathering
    Magnetic properties of soils - anthropogenic and environmental aspects
    Magnetic record associated with tree ring density: Possible climate proxy
    Magnetismus hornin a jeho aplikace při studiu znečištění životního prostředí
    Mineral magnetic properties of cave sediments from the Moravian Karst, Czech Republic: Records of environmental change
    Mineral preferred orientation and magnetic properties as indicators of varying strain conditions in naturally deformed iron ore
    The origin of anomalous magnetism of titanohematite lamellae in rhombohedral oxide assemblages inside igneous and metamorphic rocks
    Reconstruction of the Morava River behavoir based on mineral magnetic record on the floodplain sediments (Stážnické Pomoraví, CR)
    Shock experiments in range of 10-45 GPa with small multidomain magnetite in porous targets
    Summary of basic magnetic parameters on the Jurassic - Cretacous boundary