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    Coarsely crystalline cryogenic cave carbonate - a new archive to estimate the Last Glacial minimum permafrost depth in Central Europe
    Gas hydrate formation and dissipation histories in the northern margin of Canada: Beaufort-Mackenzie and the Sverdrup Basins
    Gas hydrates stability and the dynamics of taliks in the Mackenzie Delta, Canada
    Inferred gas hydrate and permafrost stability history models linked to climate change in the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin, Arctic Canada
    Modeling temperature profiles considering the latent heat of physical-chemical reactions in permafrost and gas hydrates: The Mackenzie Delta terrestrial case
    Non-Invasive Geophysical Investigation and Thermodynamic Analysis of a Palsa in Lapland, Northwest Finland
    Nové poznatky z výzkumu kryogenních jeskynních karbonátů
    Numerical modelling of permafrost in bedrock in northern Fennoscandia during the Holocene
    Permafrost a změny klimatu
    Vykroužené dutiny Českého ráje: jak a kdy vznikaly?