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    Al-rich horizon in the Dyleň schist complex near the boundary Saxothuringicum/Moldanubicum
    Alkalické subvulkanické horniny roztockého intruzívního centra v Českém středohoří
    Alkaline and Ultramafic Carbonate Lamprophyres in Central Bohemian Carboniferous Basins, Czech Republic
    Assessment of Water Content in Granitic Melts Using Melt Inclusion Homogenization Data: Method - Results - Problems
    Caractérisation géochimique et géochronologie des precurseurs varisques de Boheme Centrale
    Cesta do středu Země. 1
    Chromian spinel mineralogy of the Staré Ransko gabbro-peridotite, Czech Republic, and its implications for sulfide mineralization
    Compositional and textural evolution of pollucite in pegmatites of the Moldanubicum
    Compositional evolution of metasomatic garnet in melilitic rocks of the Osečná complex, Bohemia
    Convergence oblique et sous-charriage continental a l'est du massif de la Boheme
    Crystallization history of a pyroxenite xenolith in a granulite interferred from chemical and single-crystal X-ray data
    Deep-Origin Xenoliths in Volcanics of Czechoslovakia
    A discussion of geochemistry of regionally metamorphosed skarns of the Krušné hory Mountains, Czech Republic, and implications for their genesis
    Dyke swarms in the area of the Central Bohemian Plutonic Complex
    Elbaite pegmatites in the Moldanubicum: a new subtype of the rare-element class
    Fluid inclusions in granulites in the Moldanubicum of South Bohemia: peak vs. retrograde formation
    Gabbrodiorite as mafic precursor of the biotite monzogranites in the Krušné hory-Erzgebirge batholith
    Garnet pyroxenite and eclogite in the Bohemian Massif: geochemical evidence for Variscan recycling of subducted lithosphere
    Garnet REE geochemistry - genetic code of high-grade rocks
    Geochemical and structural evolution of micas in the Rožná and Dobrá Voda pegmatites, Czech Republic
    Geochemical Comparison of the Subvolcanic Appinite Suite of the British Caledonides and the Durbachite Suite of the Central European Hercynides: Evidence for Associated Shoshonitic and Granitic Magmatism
    Geochemická charakteristika vulkanitů barrandienského svrchního proterozoika v úseku mezi Chudenicemi a Nepomukem
    Geochemie, petrologie a mineralogie hornin řazených na českém území ke granodioritu typu Freistadt (32-24 Kaplice, 32-42 Rožmberk nad Vltavou)
    Geochemie und primäres tektonisches Environment der granitoiden Gneise des Waldviertler Moldanubikums
    Geochemistry and mineralogy of gabbroic rocks of the Mariánské Lázně metabasite complex
    Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of the Tertiary Alkaline Volcanic Suite of the Labe Tectovolcanic Zone, Czech Republic
    Geochemistry and petrology of Cadomian and late Variscan granitoids at the northeastern border of Bohemian Massif (Central Europe)
    Geochemistry of early Palaeozoic amphibolites from the Orlica-Snieznik dome, Bohemian massif: petrogenesis and palaeotectonic aspects
    Geochemistry of metabasites and gabbroic rocks from the Teplá-Domažlice zone
    Geochemistry of peridotites, pyroxenites, and eclogites in the Gföhl nappe: constraints on Variscan evolution of lithosphere and astenosphere in the Bohemian Massif
    Geochimičeskaja model' razvitija pegmatitoobrazujuščej rudnomagmatičeskoj sistemy Zapadnoj Moravii
    Geochronology and geochemistry of eclogites from the Mariánské Lázně Complex, Czech Republic: Implication for Variscan orogenesis
    Geotectonic position, petrochemical and geochronological features of the younger granite complex in the Krušné hory (Erzgebirge) of the Bohemian Massif
    Granitoids in the Rozvadov Pluton, Western Bohemia and Oberpfalz
    Granitový problém a stav výzkumu granitu v knize D.B. Clarka (1992)
    High-K magmatism in orogenic belts. Vol. 2 : early Variscan case as constrained by field and geochemical evidence
    The Homolka Magmatic Centre - an Example of Late Variscan Ore Bearing Magmatism in the Southbohemian Batholith (Southern Bohemia, Northern Austria)
    Korelace českých a rakouských typologických studií granitoidů moldanubického plutonu
    Late-Variscan crustal evolution and related tin-tungsten mineralization in the Altenberg-Teplice caldera (Eastern Erzgebirge)
    Leucogranites in Hercynian tin provinces (SW England and NW Bohemia) and comparison with leucogranites in Himalayas
    Limonit z Chvalovic u Znojma
    Major and Trace Elements in "Eclogites" and Their Host Garnet Peridoties, Data from the Bohemian Massif
    The Mariánské Lázně granite: petrology and geochemistry, western Bohemia
    Mega-Xenocrysten im quartären Basalt des Eisenbühl- erste Untersuchungen an Fest- und Fluidenschlüssen
    Mid-Late Devonian arc-type magmatism in the Bohemian Massif: Sr and Nd isotope and trace element evidence from the Staré Sedlo and Mirotice gneiss complexes, Czech Republic
    Minettes of the Železné hory mountains (Iron Mts.), Eastern Bohemia
    Mount Erebus a Milešovka
    Neptunian dykes in the Koněprusy Devonian: Geological and palaeontological observations
    Ocellar Mafic Rocks of 1-Type and A-Type Plutonic Series (Adamello, Brittany, Central Bohemian Pluton)
    Ore minerals of the Mariánské Lázně metabasite complex
    The Origin of Blatná Granodiorite
    Origin of late Variscan granitoids from NE Bavaria, Germany, exemplified by REE and Nd isotope systematics
    Pb-Pb and U-Pb zircon ages for orthogneisses from Eastern Bohemia: further evidence for a major Cambro-Ordovician magmatic event
    Petrochemie a klasifikace granitoidních hornin brněnské jednotky (24-32 Brno, 24-35 Ivančice, 24-22 Olomouc, 34-11 Znojmo, 33-13 Dyjákovice, 34-12 Pohořelice)
    Petrology and geochemistry of granites as precursors of dominant ore depositions in the Krušné hory-Erzgebirge region
    The petrology and geochemistry of the metaophiolitic rocks of Staré Město crystalline unit
    Pristine vs. contamined trends in Nb, Ta-oxide minerals of the Jihlava Pegmatite District, Czech Republic
    The refractory nature of carbonate during partial melting of eclogite: evidence from high pressure experiments and natural carbonate-bearing eclogites
    Reliktní stratigrafie a vznik středočeského plutonu
    Remnants of Lower Crustal Mineral Assemblages in Granitoid Rocks: Examples from the South Bohemian Pluton, Austria
    Respective Roles of Source Composition and Melting Conditions in the High-K Content of Some Magmas: Geochemical Constraints
    Results of investigations on melt inclusions in various magmatic rocks from the northern border of the Bohemian Massif
    Rubidium-strontium systematics of granitoid rocks of the South Bohemian Pluton
    Říčany granite (Central Bohemian Pluton) and its ocelli- and ovoids-bearing mafic enclaves
    Serpentinite stock south of Niedamirów-Lasocki Range, Sudetes compared with other circum-Karkonosze ultramafic bodies
    Sr and Nd isotope study of some volcanic and plutonic rocks from Bohemia and Moravia
    The Sr-Nd isotope geochemistry of the Central Bohemian Pluton, Czech Republic
    Sr-Nd isotopic constraints on the petrogenesis of the Central Bohemian Pluton, Czech Republic
    The timing of rare metal mineralization associated with acid magmatism: A correlation of some Paleozoic and Mesozoic provinces
    Two-stage origin of the Hercynian volcanics in the Sudetes, SW Poland
    Typology and internal structure of zircons from the granites of the Krušné hory-Erzgebirge batholith and associated rhyolite and granite porphyry
    Typology and origin of granite in the Cornubian and the Krušné hory-Smrčiny batholiths
    Variscan Lower Crust in the Moldanubian of the Bohemian Massif
    Vznik pegmatitů migmatitizací
    The western Erzgebirge-Vogtland granites: implications to the Hercynian magmatism in the Erzgebirge-Fichtelgebirge anticlinorium
    Zur Petrogenese praekambrischer Metasedimente und cadomischer Magmatite im Moravikum