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    Baiyun Cave in Naigu Shilin, Yunnan Karst, China
    Geomorphological evolution of the Podgorski Karst, SW Slovenia: contribution of magnetostratigraphic research of the Črnotiče II site with Marifuga sp
    Karst processes and time
    Karst processes from the beginning to the end: How can they be dated?
    Nálezy badenských fosílií v jeskyni Svážná studna, Moravský kras - důsledky pro speleogenezi
    Ochtiná Aragonite Cave (Western Carpathians, Slovakia): Morphology, mineralogy of the fill and genesis
    Speleogenesis along deep regional faults by ascending waters: case studies from Slovakia and Czech Republic
    Speleogenesis of Selected Caves beneath the Lunan Shilin and Caves of Fenglin Karst in Qiubei, Yunnan