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    structural geology
    4th Meeting of the Central European Tectonic Studies Group/11th Meeting of the Czech Tectonic Studies Group/7th Carpathian Tectonic Workshop. Geolines . 20
    The Carboniferous to Jurassic evolution of the pre-Alpine basement of Crete: Constraints from U-Pb and U-(Th)-Pb dating of orthogneiss, fission-track dating of zircon, structural and petrological data
    Development of stess-strain fields based on paleostress analysis and recent stres-masurement in the Czech part of Upper Silesian Coal basin
    Emplacement mechanisms of the thrust sheets in the Barrandian (Bohemian Massif)
    The results of borehole acoustic imaging from a granite in the Jihlava District, Czech Republic: implications for structural geological research