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    Akcesorické minerály typu ABO4 ze subvulkanických ekvivalentů A-granitů Krušných hor a z teplického ryolitu
    Behaviour of zircon in high-grade metamorphic rocks: evidence from Hf isotopes, trace elements and textural studies
    The Carboniferous to Jurassic evolution of the pre-Alpine basement of Crete: Constraints from U-Pb and U-(Th)-Pb dating of orthogneiss, fission-track dating of zircon, structural and petrological data
    Chemical characteristics of zircon from A-type granites and comparison to zircon of S-type granites
    Composition of coexisting zircon and xenotime in rare-metal granites from the Krušné Hory/Erzgebirge Mts. (Saxothuringian Zone, Bohemian Massif)
    Dvojslídné granity severovýchodního okraje centrálního moldanubického plutonu
    Fission-track dating of zircon by laser ablation ICPMS
    The involvement of F CO2-, and As in the alteration of Zr-Th-REE-bearing accessory minerals in a the Hora Svaté Kateřiny A-type granite, Czech Republic
    Mineral inclusions in placer zircon from the Ohře (Eger) Graben: New data on "strontiopyrochlore"
    Neoproterozoic igneous complex emplaced along major tectonic boundary in the Kaoko Belt (NW Namibia): ion probe and LA-ICP-MS dating of magmatic and metamorphic zircons
    New natural zircon standard for laser ablation ICP-MS U-Pb geochronology
    Provenance and post-depositional low-temperature evolution of the James Ross Basin sedimentary rocks (Antarctic Peninsula) based on fission track analysis
    Provenance and post-sedimentary low-temperature evolution of the James Ross Basin sediments (Antarctic Peninsula) based on zircon and apatite fission-track analysis
    Provenance of Wurmian loess and loess-like sediments of Moravia and Silesia (Czech Republic): a study of zircon typology and cathodoluminiscence
    Timing and sources of pre-collisional Neoproterozoic sedimentation along the SW margin of the Congo Craton (Kaoko Belt, NW Namibia)
    U-Pb zircon provenance of Moldanubian metasediments in the Bohemian Massif
    use of Hf isotopes for tracing metamorphic processes
    Vertical zonality of fractionated granite plutons reflected in zircon chemistry: the Cinovec A-type versus the Beauvoir S-type suite
    Zircon and apatite fission-track dating of the James Ross Basin sediments (Antarctic Peninsula)
    Zircon fission-track analysis of sediments from the James Ross Island and Seymour Island, Antarctica
    Zircon fission-track technique: a laboratory procedure adopted at the Institute of Geology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v.v.i