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    10th Anniversary conference of the Czech, Polish and Slovak Paleontologists, Abstracts and Guide of Excursion
    Bratia Sabovci, s.r.o., Zvolen
    Faculty of Natural Sciences, Matej Bel University Banská Bystrica
    Faculty of Natural Sciences,Matej Bel University Banská Bystrica 2009
    Geological institute Slovak Academy of Sciences, Universitas Matthiae Belii, Banská Bystrica
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    Banská Bystrica
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    The Cenomanian-Turonian boundary event in hemipelagic sediments of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Czech Republic)-palynoflora,foraminifera and calcareous nannofossils record
    Development of the forest vegetation in the Českomoravská vrchovina Upland in the Late Glacial and Holocene (Czech Republic)
    New groups of scolecodonts in the Silurian of the Prague Basin (Barrandian, Czech Republic)
    Preliminary report: The revision of genera Praeleda Pfab, 1934 and Praenucula Pfab, 1934 (Ordovician, Nuculidae, Bivalvia)