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    Biogeomon, 5th International Symposium on Ecosystem Behaviour. Conference program and abstracts
    Czech Geological Survey
    Česká geologická služba
    University of California, Santa Cruz, California, USA
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    Santa Cruz
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Articles from monograph
    Behavior of nitrogen and carbon isotopes in an 18-month peat transplant experiment between a polluted and unpolluted wetland
    Downward nitrate trends in drainage water at Lysina, Czech Republic
    The effect of N and P addition on vegetation in two deciduous forests on base rich soils
    Holocene reconstruction of lead deposition and vegetation cover as indicators of climate changes in Central Europe
    Increasing silicon concentrations in Bohemian Forest lakes
    Modeling of tree species influence on long-term soil acidification (Načetín, Ore Mts., Czech Republic)
    Peat bog water chemistry
    Photochemical source of aluminium for sediments and its long-term impact on internal phosphorus cycling
    Recontruction of nitrate pollution of water resources using 15N and 18O data-case studies
    Retention and accumulation of arsenic in ecosystems along the arsenic deposition gradient, Czech Republic
    Soil Mg and Ca depletion as a result of experimental litter raking in two spruce forests, Czech Republic
    Spatial and temporal changes in aluminum, iron, and base cations during an acidic episode at East Bear Brook, Maine USA
    Stream water recovery in the Czech Republic - Results from the GEOMON network of catchments
    The strontium and calcium isotope signals in forest soil environment during recovery from antropoghenic acidification
    Sulfate oxygen isotopes in Central European forests and wetlands
    Sulfur retention in various compartments of forest ecosystems along a pollution gradient
    Twelve years of hydrochemical monitoring of the GEOMON network, Czech Republic
    The use of bio-indication methods for monitoring a model river basin in the GEOMON system in the Czech Republic
    Use of organic sediments of Stará jímka to study climatic changes during 15, 000 years (Bohemian/Bavarian Forest, Czech Republic)
    Using sulfur and lead isotope ratios to trace the movement of a groundwater contamination plume: Toxic waste repository Pozdatky, Czech Republic