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    Forty years of IGCP. From Czechoslovak to Czech and Slovak IGCP National Committees
    Pašava , J.
    Vymazalová, A.
    Czech Geological Survey
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    Česká republika
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Articles from monograph
    Application of magnetic susceptibility on Palaezoic sedimentary rocks : IGCP Project No. 580
    Biotic recovery from mass extinction : IGCP project No. 335
    Comparative evolution of Peritethyan rift basins : IGCP Project No. 369
    Evolution of Western Gondwana during the Late Palaeozoic : IGCP Project No. 471
    History of the Czech and Slovak IGCP National committees
    IGCP Project No. 428. Climate and boreholes
    Middle Palaeozoic vertebrate biogeography, palaeogeography and climate : IGCP Project No 491