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    Geology of Iraq
    Dolin Prague and Moravian Museum Brno
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    37 s.
    Česká republika
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    Hydrogeology (Chapter 19)
    Late Permian-Liassic Megasequence AP6
    Late Tithonian-Early Turonian Megasequence AP8
    Late Toarcian-Early Tithonian (Mid-Late Jurassic) Megasequence AP7
    Late Turonian-Danian Megasequence AP9
    Latest Eocene-Recent Megasequence AP11
    Magmatism and metamorphism in the Zagros Suture
    Metallic and industrial rocks and minerals
    Middle Palaeocene-Eocene Megasequence AP10
    Quaternary Deposits
    Tectonic framework
    Tectonostratigraphy of the Zagros suture
    Tectonostratigraphy of the Zagros Suture
    Units of the Stable Shelf
    Units of the Unstable Shelf and the Zagros Suture