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    Metallogeny and Anoxic Environments, Proceedings of the IVth Czech and Slovak Working Group of the International Geological Correlation Program, Project 254(24-25 September 1991), Černá in Pošumaví
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    Česká republika
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    The Average Rare Earth Contents in the Barrandian Shales
    Deep Diagenesis of Organic Matter-rich Marine Mudrocks: Tentative Model for the Lower Paleozoic Barrandian Basin, Czechoslovakia
    Lečice Black Shale (Barrandien Upper Proterozoic, Central Czecholovakia): Euxenic Facies of a Starved Preflysch Basin
    Metallogeny of black shales - new results from IGCP 254
    Morphology and Reflectance of Organic Matter in Greenschist Metamorphosed Železný Brod Unit, Lugicum, Czechoslovakia
    Sulphidic Vein Mineralization in Black Shales of the Barrandian Upper Proterozoic, Czechoslovakia: A Fluid Inclusion Study