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    Ferretti, Annalisa
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    Cephalopod Limestone Biofacies in the Silurian of the Prague Basin, Bohemia
    Eurytholia plates (Problematica) from the late Silurian of the Austrian Carnic Alps
    Late Ordovician conodonts from the Prague Basin, Bohemia
    The Perd'e Fogu outcrop: a classical exposure of 'Orthoceras limestone' in the Fluminimaggiore area (SW Sardinia)
    Problematic phosphatic plates from the Silurian-Early Devonian of Bohemia, Czech Republic
    The Silurian and early Devonian in south-western Sardinia : guide-book
    Silurian stratigraphy and paleogeography of north Gondwanan and Perunican Europe