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    břidlice vápnitá
    Assemblage of phyllocarid crustaceans in the Silurian and Devonian of Bohemia and their analogues
    Changes in the infrared spectra of various types of organic matter during the weathering of materials deposited in coal mine spoil banks, tips and quarry taluses
    Composition of Fluids and their Effect on Stability Fields of Silicate Minerals in Amphibolite Facies Metamorphic Rocks
    Grosulár z Dolního Města na Havlíčkobrodsku
    The importance of black shales in the origin of tin-polymetallic ores in the Dachang ore district, South China
    Ludlowská chitinozoa na lokalitě "Na Požárech" (silur, pražská pánev, Barrandien)
    Weathering effects on the agrochemical properties of rocks deposited in coal-mine spoil banks, tips and quarry dumpings