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    kůra zemská
    Documenta geonica 1/1994
    Albert Maucher Award to David Dolejš
    Alpinotypní ultrabazika východního okraje moldanubika
    Balanced Crustal Density Model along Geotraverse 9HR in Western Bohemia
    Bipolarity in regular structural patterns
    Cenozoic convergence history of the Bohemian Massif and Central Western Carpathians
    Comment on Dörr and Zulauf: Elevator tectonics and orogenic collapse of a Tibetan-style plateau in the European Variscides: the role of the Bohemian shear zone. Int J Earth Sci (Geol Rundsch) (2010) 99: 299-325
    Comprehensive geophysical research of the seismogenic western part of the Bohemian Massif
    Constraints on the maximum crustal density from gravity-topography modeling: Applications to the southern highlands of Mars
    Continental crust at mantle depths: key minerals and microstructures
    Contrasting Early Carboniferous field geotherms: evidence for accretion of a thickened orogenic root and subducted Saxothuringian crust (Central European Variscides)
    A contribution to the study of the basic geological structure on the contact of the West Carpathians and East Alps with the eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif
    Crust Activation in Central Europe and their metallogenic importance for the Erzgebirge
    The crust-mantle transition and the Moho beneath the Vogtland/West Bohemian region in the light of different seismic methods
    The crust-mantle transition zone (Moho) beneath the swarm-earthquake area Vogtland/NW-Bohemia in the light of diffrent seismic methods
    Crustal and lithospheric structure of the Carpathian-Pannonian region - a geophysical perspective: regional geophysical data on the Carpathian-Pannonian lithosphere : abstract
    Crustal structure in the Carpatho-Pannonian region: insights from three-dimensional gravity modelling and their geodynamic significance
    Crustal structure of the eastern Variscides, especially of the Saxothuringian Zone (Erzgebirge - Mid German Crystalline Zone)
    Crustal structure of the Saxothuringian Zone : results of the deep seismic profile MVE-90 (East) : the deep reflection seismic profiles DEKOPR 3/MVE-90
    Crustal structures and tectonic processes in the Eastern Alps revealed by recent controlled source seismic experiments
    Členitosť kôry a geodynamický model Západných Karpát
    Deep crustal temperature along the central segment of the EGT
    Differences in the lithospheric structure of the Bohemian Massif from teleseismic receiver functions
    Doterajšie poznatky hustotného molelovania Západných Karpát
    Elevator tectonics and orogenic collapse of a Tibetan-style plateau in the European Variscides: the role of the Bohemian shear zone
    Evolution of the continental crust of the European Hercynides. Short reference list
    Geofyzikální poměry
    Geological structure of the Czech Republic depicted by the new gravity and magnetic field images
    Geologicko - hustotný model pozdĺž profilu KP - V
    Geothermal crustal models at some regions in Egypt
    Globální rozložení napětí podle S.K. Runcorna a vztah k tektonice
    Gravity Maps of the NW Bohemia
    Hierarchy and periodicity of ruptures in the Earth's crust (Model of PER systems)
    Huge contrasts of the lithospheric structure revealed by new generation seismic experiments in Central Europe
    Hustotný rez zemskou kôrou pozdĺž profilu KP-IV
    Identification of magnetic minerals by scanning electron microscope and application of ferrofluid
    III. Geochemická dynamika pláště : Zúrodňování vyčerpaných polí
    The Influence of the Core-mantle Boundary Irregularities on the Mass Density Distribution Inside the Earth
    Inverted strain zonation and large scale strain partitioning in middle crust during the nappe pile building
    Joints in granite plutons as indicator of crustal conditions
    K výběru referenčního hustotního modelu
    A layered model of the upper crust in the Aigion region of Greece, inferred from arrival times of the 2001 earthquake sequence
    Ligurian ocean crustal suture beneath the West Carpathians from deep seismic reflection profiling
    Lineare Krustenstrukturen im Umfeld der KTB-Lokation
    Lithospheric structure of the Carpathian Mountains, Pannonian basin and Eastern Alps based on seismic data
    Manifestation of crustal dynamics and kinematics in the western part of the Ohře/Eger Rift, Czech Republic
    Metod abstraktnych analogij v regionalnom prognozirovanii na uran
    Mid-Crustal Emplacement of the Třebíč Durbachite: a Result of Interplay between Compressional and Wrench Tectonics due to Block Rotations
    Moho reflections from strong near quarry blasts: an example for the central Ore Mountains, Czech Republic
    The Moho structure in the western Eger Rift: a receiver function experiment
    Morfostrukturní analýza jako vhodná metoda studia strukturně-geologické stavby aplikovaná na příkladu moravskoslezské oblasti
    Možnosti využití geotermální energie na území Krkonošského národního parku
    Nástin variské tektonické rotace na Moravě při hlubokém porušení kůry
    Neue Einblicke in ein altes Gebirge - die variscide Kruste in Mitteleuropa
    The northern margin of the core of the Bohemian Massif (processes at boundary of the orogenic root)
    Nové výsledky získané při korelaci tepelného toku s mocností zemské kůry na území Československa a v jeho nejbližším okolí
    Odezva geologické stavby České republiky v nových gravimetrických a magnetometrických mapách
    Ohárecký rift v tektogenním vývoji Evropy
    Origin of felsic migmatites by ductile shearing and melt infiltration
    Palaeozoic amalgamation of Central Europe: an introduction and synthesis of new results from recent geological and geophysical investigations
    Pohled na dynamiku litosféry ve střední Evropě z hlediska některých nedávných výzkumů
    Pole napětí na profilu KP III Zakopane - Salgótarján
    Pre-Cambrian development of the continental crust of the European Hercynides
    Precursory groundwater level changes in the period of activation of the weak intraplate seismic activity on the NE margin of the Bohemian Massif (central Europe) in 2005
    A Preliminary Seismic Model for the Region of the West-Bohemian Earthquake Swarms
    Receiver Function Studien zum Aufbau der Erdkruste und des oberen Erdmantels unter dem westlichen Böhmischen Massiv : ein Beitrag zum BOHEMA-Projekt
    Regional geodynamic network HIGHLANDS, the Bohemian Massif
    Replay to W. Franke on Dörr and Zulauf elevator tectonics and orogenic collapse of a Tibetan-style plateau in the European Variscides: the role of the Bohemian shear zone
    Results of two-years' seismo-hydrological monitoring in the area of the Hronov-Poříčí Fault Zone, Western Sudetes
    Review of the crust-lithosphere research in the Carpathians
    Role of crustal fluids in triggering the West Bohemia/Vogtland earthquake swarms: Just what we know (a review)
    The Role of Hierarchy and Periodicity in the Earth's Evolution (Synergetics in Geosciences)
    S-wave splitting from records of local micro-earthquakes in West Bohemia/Vogtland: An indicator of complex crustal anisotropy
    Seismogenic zones in the eastern Alpine-Western Carpathian-Pannonian junction area
    Some indications of crustal dynamics in the Ohře Rift region
    Structure and evolution of Earth crust in Central Europe
    Structures of the Earth´s crust and upper mantle beneath the Western Bohemian Massif derived from receiver functions
    Strukturní geologie a geotektonika
    The Tepla-Barrandian 'Elevator': A key element for reconstructing orogenic processes in the Variscan internides
    Tertiary development of Carpathian-Pannonian region: crustal processe
    Thermal Signatures of Heat Transfer in the Earth's Crust
    Thermische Modellierung schneller Extrusion von Hochdruckgesteinen aus der variszischen Gebirgswurzel im Erzgebirge
    Upper crustal structure of the western Corinth Gulf, Greece, inferred from arrival times of the January 2010 earthquake sequence
    The Variscan Belt in the Bohemian Massif
    Variscan elevator-style tectonics in the Bohemian Massif - A consequence of a collapsing crustal root
    Variscan transpressional deformation and crustal folding in the Krkonoše Mountains (northern margin of the Bohemian Massif)
    Vertically decoupled thickening and exhumation processes in orogenic supra- and infra-structure during building of Gemer-Vepor continental wedge
    Živé zlomy : pohyb v zemské kůře