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    Geometry and P-V-T-X conditions of microfissural ore fluid migration: the Mokrsko gold deposit (Bohemia)
    Hydration products of GGBS in Portland cement concrete
    Microporous structure of carbonaceous substances and the significance of its
    Migrace paleofluid v granitoidních horninách: studium fluidních inkluzí v horninách a žilách melechovského masivu (23-12 Ledeč nad Sázavou)
    Mikroporézní struktura uhlíkatých látek a její význam
    Mixing of metamorphic and surficial fluids during the uplift of the Hercynian upper crust: consequences for gold deposition
    Non-linearity in multidirectional P-wave velocity: confining pressure behaviour based on real 3D laboratory measurements, and its mathematical approximation
    Recent tectonic microdisplacements registered in Bedřichov tunnel "A" in the Jizerské hory Mts. (N Bohemia)