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    mineralogie experimentální
    Adsorption of phenol and aniline by original and quaternary ammonium salts-modified montmorillonite
    Crystal structure of a synthetic tin-selenium representative of the cylindrite structure type
    Experimental results and mineralogy of the Pd-Sn-Te system
    The Fe-Mo-Nb-S system: Phase relations of edgarite
    Ion exchange in natural zeolites : a study on reaction mechanisms
    Modelling of hysteresis curves of magnetite-hematite mixtures
    Removal of AsV, CrVI, and VV from solutions by calcined hydrotalcite and regeneration of used sorbent
    The system Os-Mo-S
    Termická analýza minerálů uranylu III. Křemičitany uranylu
    Vztahy mezi syntézou v laboratoři a distribucí zeolitů v sedimentech