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    rotace desek
    Activity timing of the main tectonic systems in the Carpathian-Pannonian region in relation to the rollback destruction of the lithosphere
    Crustal and lithospheric structure of the Carpathian-Pannonian region - a geophysical perspective: regional geophysical data on the Carpathian-Pannonian lithosphere : abstract
    Eastern Variscan fold belt: Paleomagnetic evidence for oroclinal bending
    Geochronology of Neogene magmatism in the Carpathian arc and intra-Carpathian area
    Geodynamic evolution and palaeogeography of the Polish Carpathians and adjacent areas during Neo-Cimmerian and preceding events (latest Triassic-earliest Cretaceous)
    Geotectonic position of granulitic complex in South Bohemia (The Bohemian Massif)
    Key Lower Palaeozoic faunas from near the Trans-European Suture Zone
    Late variscan tectonomagmatic activity in Western Europe and surrounding areas: the Mid-Permian Episode
    Miocene development of the Carpathian arc and Pannonian Basin: subduction driven interaction of the Alps, Dinarides and Balkan lithospheric blocks
    Nástin variské tektonické rotace na Moravě při hlubokém porušení kůry
    New palaeomagnetic data from the Palaeozoic carbonates of the Moravo-Silesian Zone (Czech Republic): evidence for a timing and origin of the late Variscan remagnetization
    Palaeogeography and palaeotectonics of the Alpo-Carpatho-Pannonian and adjacent blocks based on palaeomagnetic data: Neogene to Permian
    Palaeomagnetism and palaeogeography of the Western Carpathians from the Permian to the Neogene
    Palaeomagnetism and palaeotectonics of the flysch zone of the Outer Western Carpathians
    Resolving the Variscan evolution of the Moldanubian sector of the Bohemian Massif: the significance of the Bavarian and the Moravo-Moldanubian tectonometamorphic phases
    Sedimenty rhenohercynika na Moravě a v Ardenách a jejich deformace
    Stavba evropských variscid ve vztahu k problematice rozpadu řídících litosférických desek a paleotektonickým rotacím s ohledem na východní okraj Českého masivu
    To rotate or not to rotate: Palinspastic reconstruction of the Carpatho-Pannonian area during the Miocene