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Subject heading
    seizmické modelování
    Comparison of methods of mathematical modelling of the wave field in shallow seismics
    Deep Structure of the Bohemian Massif from Phase Velocities of Seismic Surface Waves
    Důlní otřes nebo zemětřesení
    Interactive program for kinematic problems in laterally heterogeneous media
    Model testing of the reliability of seismic hazard assessment based on seismostatistical and seismotectonic methods
    Particle velocity and frequency of seismic wawes generated by a cylindrical explosive source
    Proposal of multidisciplinary approach to the prediction of mining induced geodynamic processes
    Refraction and wide-angle reflection seismic profiling
    Seismic monitoring of the long-wall face No. 138704 at the Lazy Mine
    Simulation of aftershock series from rock samples
    Spatial variations of seismic velocities within the deep lithosphere beneath the KTB-region
    The testing of input data for the determination of rockburst focal mechanisms
    Velocity distribution for P-wawes by linearised inversion of refraction arrivals along the line VI/70