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    Crystallochemistry of oxides and silicates from ancient lead pyrometallurgical slag, with emphasis on the localisation and mobilisation of heavy metals. Volume 2
    Effects of chemical composition and temperature on transport properties of silica-rich glasses and melts
    Laser Raman spectroscopic measurements of water in unexposed glass inclusions
    Mineralogical and geochemical controls on the release of trace elements from slag produced by base- and precious-metal smelting at abandoned mine sites
    Mineralogy and weathering of Pb-Zn slags from Příbram (Czech Republic)
    Die mittelalterliche Silberproduction in Mitteleuropa mit Hinweisen aus der Isotope von Bleigläsern
    Petrographic and geochemical studies on the Komorní Hůrka scoria cone, Cheb basin, Czech Republic
    Phases primaires et altération naturelle des scories anciennes de la pyrométallurgie Pb-Zn de Příbram, République Tcheque
    Problematika koroze a konzervace skla
    Rhyolites from the Roztoky Intrusive Centre, České středohoří Mts.: Xenoliths or Dyke Differentiates?
    Sklo v recentních sedimentech
    Solid sampling of geological materials - properties of particles produced by laser ablation
    Temperature-dependent thermal expansivities of multicomponent natural melts between 993 and 1803 K
    Využití petrologie a mineralogie v průmyslu : brusiva
    Water content of granitic melts from Cornwall and Erzgebirge : a Raman spectroscopy study of melt inclusions