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    Accuracy of normal heights determined using improved geopotential models
    Comparison of saturated areas mapping methods in the Jizera Mountains, Czech Republic
    Conditionality of inverse solutions to discretised integral equations in geoid modelling from local gravity data
    Contribution to the morphodynamic chronology of Beskydian rivers (Morávka River 1780-1997)
    Determination of the continental litospheric thermal structure in the Western Carpathians: integrated modelling of surface heat flow, gravity anomalies and topography
    Differences between mean sea levels for the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans from TOPEX/POSEIDON altimetry
    Direct modeling of the gravitational field using harmonic series
    Dynamic Topography: A Key to Understanding how the Earth's Mantle works?
    Efektivita provedených revitalizačních zásahů při zpětném procesu zmeandrování toků z hlediska ochrany krajiny a možností zvýšení zadržení vody
    Far-zone contributions to topographical effects in the Stokes-Helmert method of the geoid determination
    Geophysical investigastion of volcanic centre in NW Bohemia
    Global ellipsoid-referenced topographic, bathymetric and stripping corrections to gravity disturbance
    Gravitational effect of distant Earth relief within the territory of former Czechoslovakia
    Gravity disturbances in regions of negative heights: A reference quasi-ellipsoid approach
    Inventory maps and modelling of slope movements using ArcView software
    Long-term stability of sea surface topography from TOPEX/POSEIDON altimetry
    Modern use of historical maps for the landscape rehabilitation in the Czech Republic
    Notes on global quasistatic changes in the ocean-atmosphere system
    Pole napětí na profilu KP III Zakopane - Salgótarján
    Tectonics of the Upper Nysa Kłodzka Graben, the Sudetes
    Temporal variations in sea surface topography and dynamics of the Earth's inertia ellipsoid
    Testing Stokes-Helmert geoid model computation on a synthetic gravity field: experiences and shortcomings
    TOPEX/POSEIDON altimetry and dynamics of the ocean atmosphere system
    Topografie a gravitační pole Fobosu
    Topography of the Marginal Sudetic Fault in the Rychlebské hory (Mts.) and geomorphological aspects of epiplatform orogenesis in the NE part of the Bohemian Massif
    Topography of the Variscan orogen in Europe: failed-not collapsed
    Výpočet napětí generovaných topografií terénu a hustotními nehomogenitami na profilu KP III (Zakopane - Salgótarján)
    Výpočet vnitřních topografických korekcí na počítači