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    Antimony and arsenic leaching from secondary lead smelter air-pollution-control residues
    Antimony availability in highly polluted soils and sediments - A comparison of single extractions
    Antimony content of macrofungi from clean and polluted areas
    Antimony mobility in lead-smelter polluted soils
    Atmospheric pollution by bismuth, antimony and lead since the Bronze Age in Central European lake cores dated by 210Pb and 14C
    Diel variation of arsenic, molybdenum and antimony in a stream draining natural As geochemical anomaly
    Differences in antimony and arsenic releases from lead smelter fly ash in soils
    Reaction products and corrosion of molybdenum electrode in glass melt containing antimony oxides and sodium sulfate
    Sulphur isotopic study of Dúbrava antimony deposit Nízke Tatry Mts., Czechoslovakia
    Thermometry of arsenopyrite-pyrite mineralization in the Dúbrava antimony deposit (Western Carpathians)
    Toxicity of arsenic and antimony in the area of Cu-Ag deposit Ľubietová