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    Comments on the draft proposal to amend the Code with respect to trace fossils
    Control volume method for hydromagnetic dynamos in rotating spherical shells: Testing the code against the numerical dynamo benchmark
    The DCF 77 Decoder - Fast Code Generator
    Development of an inverse back analysis code and its verification
    DISECA - a MATLAB code for evaluation of dispersion curve identification methods in shallow seismic survey
    Draft proposal to emend the Code with respect to trace fossils: request for comments
    Garnet REE geochemistry - genetic code of high-grade rocks
    A MATLAB code for counting the moirĂ© interference fringes recorded by the optical-mechanical crack gauge TM-71
    Parameter estimation of soil hydraulic and thermal property functions for unsaturated porous media using the HYDRUS-2D code
    Preliminary Earthquake Hazard Assessments for "Eurocode 8" and Their Relation to the Existing Czech Building Code
    Theoretical basic of distinct element method and parallelization of VDEC code for solving mechanical problems