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    Geological and Geotechnical Influences in the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage
    Creating of observation station for monitoring surface influences of underground mining under nontrivial geo-mechanical conditions
    Discrimination of lithogenic and anthropogenic influences on topsoil magnetic susceptibility in Central Europe
    Extraterrestrial influences on cardiovascular mortality
    Extraterrestrial Influences on Meteorological Parameters
    Humic Acids sorption onto the clay minerals: influences on the clays-metals interactions
    Influences of Temperature and Regime of Tempering on Changes Physical Properties of Granite
    Negative influences of coal extraction in the mining areas of the Karviná region
    Spectrum of geomagnetic activity in the period range 5-60 days: possible lunar influences
    Stratigraphic Architecture of Cenomanian Palaeovalley Fills, Central Part of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin: Interplay of Base-Level Change and Tectonic Influences