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    Control of rockburst risk in hard coal longwall mining - A case study
    Experimental Approach to Measure Stress and Stress Changes in Rock ahead of Longwall Mining Faces in Czech Coal Mines
    Impact of destress blasting on stress field development ahead of a hardcoal longwall face
    The influence of tectonic structures on the stress strain conditions and rock bursts induction in the vicinity of a longwall face
    A model of rock mass fracturing ahead of the longwall face as a consequence of intensity of exploitation
    Note concerning type analysis of seismic events focal mechanisms from two longwall faces
    Rock mass fracturing in main gate roof behind advancing longwall face
    Rockbursts in longwall gates during coal mining in Ostrava-Karviná basin
    Rockbursts provoked by destress blasting in hard coal longwall mining
    Seismic Monitoring of the Longwall Face No. 138704 at the Lazy Mine
    Seismic monitoring of the longwall face No.138704 at the Lazy Mine
    Strengthening of longwall gate support against dynamic effects of rockbursts in coal mines
    A Study of Mining-induced seismicity in Czech Mines with longwall coal exploitation