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    The Geoarchaeological and Micromorphological Reconstruction of Medieval Food Store Room Floor Layers, the case study from Tisnov, Czech Republic
    Micromorphological Evidence of Neolithic Rondel-like Ditch Infillings. Case Studies from Těšetice-Kyjovice and Kolín, Czech Republic
    Micromorphological study of soil porous system affected by organisms and its impact on soil hydraulic properties
    New micromorphological knowledge of the last Pleistocene glacial cycle in the loess profile at Praha-Sedlec
    Relationship of magnetic susceptibility with sedimenthological and micromorphological features and geochemical proxy parameters; case study from last Glacial loess deposits in southern Moravia
    Soil micromorphological study for assessment of soil porous system, soil hydraulic properties and structure stability
    Some micromorphological features of the soil in the Nepal Himalayas