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    Comparison of morphometric characteristics of cirques in the Bohemian Forest
    Examples of morphometric fold analysis application
    Morphometric analysis of a Globigerina test: Elliptic Fourier and Rotaional Fit methods comparison
    Morphometric analysis of fold sets
    Morphometric analysis of single folds
    Morphometric fold analysis and its geological implications
    Ontogeny of an Ordovician trinucleid (Trilobita) from Armorica, France: a morphometric approach
    Postprotaspid ontogeny of the trilobite Sao hirsuta Barrande, 1846: a morphometric approach
    Slope dependent morphometric analysis as a tool contributing to reconstruction of volcano evolution
    The Sudetic Marginal Fault: a survey of triangular facets and morphometric parametres
    The use of morphometric parameters in tectonic geomorphology (on the example of the Western Beskydy Mts)