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    Proceedings of the First international workshop on rotational seismology and engineering applications
    Adaptation of the S-5-S PendulĂ­m Seismometer for Measurement of Rotational Ground Motion
    Application of Newly Developed Rotational Sensor for Monitoring of Mining Induced Seismic Events in The Karvina region
    Application of newly developed rotational sensor for monitoring of mining induced seismic events in the Karvina region
    Attributes of Rotational Component of Mining Induced Seismic Events
    Capacitive Sensor for Rotational Seismology
    Coherence Spectra of Rotational and Translational Components Recorded by the S-5-SR Sensor
    Designs and test results for three new rotational sensors
    Development of earthquake rotational effect study
    Earthquake rotational effects - historical examples
    Mobile sensor of rotational movement for seismology
    Mobile sensor of rotational movement for seismology
    Pizzeti theory of a level rotational ellipsoid
    Recorder of rotational ground vibration
    Rotational ductile deformations in the Snieznik metamorphic complex (Sudetes)
    Sensor of rotational movement around vertical axis for seismic measurement
    Tutorial on earthquake rotational effects: historical examples