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    Dynamics of pedogenetic processes exampled in the Haraska River drainage area (SE Moravia)
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    Luděk Šefrna, Vít Vilímek
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    Dynamika půdotvorných procesů na příkladu povodí Harasky (jv. Morava)
    Šefrna, Luděk
    Vilímek, Vít, 1959-
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    Moravian geographical reports
    Vol. 11, no. 1
    p. 27-35
    3 obr., 2 fot.
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    Zkr. název ser.: Morav. geogr. Rep.
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    eroze vodní
    flyšové pásmo Západních Karpat
    kvartér Západních Karpat
    pohyb svahový
    půda glejová
    studie environmentálních vlivů
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    Borkovany (Břeclav, Hustopeče)
    Šitbořice (Břeclav, Hustopeče)
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   Water erosion, as one of the main degradation processes of agricultural land and agricultural soil, changes more and more the character of the soil cover. The studied area in SE Moravia, with predominant soils of Chernozem character from loose Tertiary and Quaternary sediments, is highly affected in this respect. Intensive water erosion causes differentiation of soil cover into two still more contrast groups of soil. The process depends on the dynamics of relief development, on the type of farming and on the historical development of land use. In convex parts of the drainage area and on watershed plains a retrograde development of soils takes place. Undeveloped soil subtypes and types develop, and accumulation subtypes of Colluvisols occur in the valley bottoms and subslope concave sections of slopes. The latest version of our soil classification, in accordance with the leading world soil taxonomies, has ranked Colluvisol with evolutionary young Fluvisol.
   Their mapping and specification of their characteristics are only at their beginnings. Colluvisol is predisposed by its position in the relief, and its thick profile cumulates both a huge volumes of fine-earth fraction and organic materials, and also of some important nutrients such as phosphorus. Mapping of these new soils could significantly update the system of soil evaluation in our country
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    7. 12. 2006
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    8. 8. 2012