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    Geomagnetické anomálie v České republice
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    Karel Šalanský, Ivan Gnojek
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    Geomagnetic anomalies in the Czech Republic
    Gnojek, Ivan
    Šalanský, Karel
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    Práce Českého geologického ústavu (Czech geological survey special papers)
    Roč. 14
    s. 142
    46 obr., 20 tab., 2 s. bibl.
    Anglické resumé
    Zkr. název ser.: Práce Čes. geol. Úst. (Czech geol. Surv. spec. Pap.)
Subject group
    anomálie magnetická
    Český masiv
    geologie regionální
    mapa geomagnetická
    vlastnosti magnetické
    Západní Karpaty
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    Česká republika
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   The paper summarizes the results of the systematic and detailed (of 250-m flight-line distances) airborne magnetic mapping of the Czech Republic together with some results of the subsequent regional research. General analysis of magnetic anomalies from various points of view and their classification are presented in the first chapter. Interpretation of magnetic anomalies situated in 20 regions of the Czech Republic is the main subject of the paper. Significance of magnetic anomalies in studies of geological structure of the individual regions is presented in the schemes added. Results of detailed ground magnetic measurements carried-out on selected airborne anomalies are shown, as well
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    4. 9. 2007
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    8. 8. 2012