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    Integrated Magnetic Susceptibility and Geochemical Record of d13C Anomalies in the Berriasian and Valanginian Sections from the Tethyan Domain (Western Carpathians, Poland)
    Grabowski, J.
    Hejnar, J.
    Koptíková, Leona
    Krzemiński, L.
    Pszcólkowski, A.
    Schnabl, Petr
    Schnyder, J.
    Sobien, K.
    STRATI 2013 : International Congress on Stratigraphy At the Cutting Edge of Stratigraphy (01.07.2013-07.07.2013 : Lisbon, Portugalsko)
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    konferenční příspěvek (zahraniční konference)
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    STRATI 2013 : Proceedings of the 1st International Congress on Stratigraphy
    Rozsah: 5 s. : P
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    magnetic susceptibility
    major and trace elements
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   New magnetic susceptibility (MS), stable isotope, and geochemical (major and trace elements) data are presented from the three Berriasian-Valanginian pelagic sections from the Western Carpathians of Poland. MS correlates well with lithogenic influx and reflects exactly the short-term transgressive-regressive cycles in the interval below the d13C event (the Weissert event) recorded in the upper Valanginian. The pattern of changes in MS recorded for the Weissert event is more complicated, most probably also reflecting significant climatic changes. Redoxsensitive indicators (Th/U, Ce/Ce*) account for significantly oxygen-depleted conditions combined with relatively low content of productivity indicators (Alnormalized P, Ba, and Cu).
    AV ČR Brno, Geologický ústav
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    AV ČR, GLÚ
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    23. 10. 2014