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    Karbonátové tempestity v barrandienském středním devonu
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    Václav Suchý
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    Carbonate tempestites in the Barrandian Middle Devonian
    Suchý, Václav
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    Horniny ve vědách o Zemi
    s. 77-105
    9 obr., 4 s.bibl.
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    pražská pánev
    sedimentace šelfová
    sedimenty karbonátové
    textury sedimentů
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    Choteč (Praha-západ)
    Hostim (Beroun)
    Srbsko (Beroun)
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   The Choteč Limestone representing the uppermost stratigraphic member of the carbonate development of the Barrandian Devonian was subject of detailed sedimentological study. Limestones comprise centimetre- to decimetre-thick, sheet-like beds of biodetrital limestone rhytmically interbedded with nodular micritic limestone and/or mudstone. Bipolar current marks and scour marks occur on the basal erosion surfaces of biodetrital limestones; their internal structures are hummocky cross strata of various styles, planar and graded laminae, and wave-ripple laminae, with typical lateral and vertical transitions among them. Nearly complete hummocky stratification sequences, which can serve a purpose similar to the Bouma sequence for turbidites, were observed in several units. The depositional environment is interpreted as a shallow-marine shelf periodically influenced by intense tropical or winter storms.
   Lateral transitions from coarse calciruditic limestones into calcisiltic and calcilutic storm layers, observed in a 25 km long SW-NE section of the Barrandian Devonian, demonstrate that these represent a continuous spectrum of genetically related rocks ranging from proximal to distal end members. The proximal to distal trend is expressed in decreasing bed thicknesses, degree of bed amalgamation, grain size, intraclasts and bioclasts content. Such a trend reflects the decreasing effects of storms toward deeper, offshore water and can be used for facies and paleobathymetric analysis
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    31. 3. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012