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    Lučenec (South-Central Slovakia) Reduta Palace: Proceedings of the 9th Meeting of the Czech Tectonic Studies Group, 2nd Meeting of the Central European Tectonic Group, Lučenec, Slovakia, June 22-25, 2004 (Variant.)
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    3D tectonics of the Prague synform (Barrandian, Central Bohemia): new preliminary results
    Amphibolites in the vicinity of the Nové Město na Moravě (NE part of the Moldanubian Zone, Bohemian Massif) - the evidence of older granulite facies metamorphism
    Application of multicomponent diffusion modeling to garnets in polymetamorphic rocks from the Eastern Alps
    Burial and exhumation of eclogites in continental accretionary wedge: an indentation model of eclogite formation in Variscan collisional zone
    Collomorph calcite in hydrothermal veinlets from Culmian greywackes: possible relationships to genesis, fluid flow and their bacterial content
    Contrastive strain record within the magmatic fabric in the Land's End granite (SW England): a comparative study of the orientation tensor determined
    Controls on delta plain sandstone geometries and their implication for reservoir exploration in Middle Jurassic successions: Saltwick Formation, Yorkshire Ness Formation, North Sea
    Correlation of lithologically contrasting rocks from the Kutná Hora-Svratka Region, Czech Republic
    Deep structure, seismicity pattern and subduction generated concentration of metals in continental wedges overlying convergent plate margins
    Differential exhumation in an orogenic root domain: Snieznik Dome
    Eastern thrust tectonics of Czech part of Upper Silesian Coal Basin (Variscan accretion wedge, Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic)
    Evolutionary model for exhumation of the Meliata blueschists, Western Carpathians (Slovakia)
    Felsic granulites from the Gföhl Unit (Austria and Czech Republic): metamorphosed pre-Variscan metagranites or Visean high-pressure melts?
    Flow and fabric development during the diapiric rise of magma: AMS study on plaster models
    Ground penetrating radar profile measurements above the seismoactive area at the eastern margin of the Cheb Basin, Western Bohemia
    The Magnetic fabric of the Vel'ká Fatra Mts.. Part two: emplacement mode of the Hercynian granitic pluton and its relation to the Alpine sedimentary rocks, based on AMS study
    Metamorphic zonation and anomalously hot geothermal gradient of the Silesian domain: an interplay between Devonian rifting and Carboniferous collision
    A new natural LPO type of clipopyroxene: evidence from EBSD study of eclogite xenoliths from Kaapvaal craton, South Africa
    Origin and metamorphic evolution of blueschists and very low-grade rocks of the Meliata Unit, Western Carpathians
    The outline of the tectonics of the Hranice Palaeozoic carbonates (Moravosilesian Palaeozoic)
    Pan-African modification of the contact between middle and upper crust in the western zone of the Kaoko Belt (NW Namibia)
    Petrogenetic diversity and petrographic convergence of some spheroidal structures in mafic intrusive rocks
    Petrophysical properties and origin of oriented porosity in eclogites with different microstructure
    Polydeformational-polymetamorphic evolution of the Vepor Unit, West Carpathians: petrological and microstructural study
    PolyLX - the MATLAB TM Toolbox for quantitative analysis of microstructures
    Pore space geometry of the rock under investigation by ultrasonic pulse transmission
    Pre-conference fieldtrip: structure and metamorphism of the Meliata Unit
    Recent tectonic activity and orientations of the principal stresses in the Jeseníky region
    Regional trends in thermal maturity of Paleozoic rocks of the Moravo-Silesian basin: a combined study of conodont alteration index (CAI), vitrinite reflectance and rock eval pyrolysis
    Seismic activity after 2000 swarm and new results in the Western Bohemia/Vogtland Area
    Significance and consequences of Cretaceous convergent tectonics in the Vepor Unit, West Carpathians
    The structural and metamorphic record of the Variscan Orogenesis at the eastern margin of the Moldanubian Zone in the Bohemian Massif associated with the Brunovistulian foreland underthrusting
    Structural and metamorphic record of thickening and exhumation of the Moldanubian lower crust (NE Moldanubian Domain, Bohemian Massif)
    Structural and petrological relations among granitoids near Nová Pec (Moldanubian Zone, Šumava-Bohemian Forest)
    Structural evolution and emplacement of the durbachitic Knížecí Stolec pluton, South Bohemian (Moldanubian) batholith
    The Sudetic marginal fault, SW Poland: a reactivated sinistral-normal fault
    Thrust tectonics in the southern part of the Moravian Karst
    Turbidite bed thickness distributions applied in interpretation of submarine-fan depositional environments of the Kyčera Beds (Rača Unit, Magura Group)