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    Notes on the history of some karstological terms - hydrothermal karst, geysermite, vadose zone
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    Pavel Bosák
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    Prispevek k zgodovini kraške terminologije - hidrotermalni kras, geysermit, vadozna cona
    Bosák, Pavel, 1951-
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    Acta carsologica
    Vol. 29, no. 2
    p. 233-240
    Obsahuje bibliografické odkazy
    Zkr. název ser.: Acta carsol. (Ljubljana)
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    historie geologie
    hydrologie krasová
    hydrotermální podmínky
    voda termální
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    Teplice nad Bečvou (Přerov)
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   The author explains inclear priories of the terms hydrothermal karst, geysermite, and vadose zone. Hydrothermal karst - karst forms, produced by hot water were described already by J. Nöggerath (1845) and J. Desnoyers (1845). In the Czech literature, the term was introduced by E. Michal 1929-1930, and the term thermomineral karstification in 1941. Both terms were used in the description of Zbrašov Aragonite Caves. Geysermite first time appeared in a guide from 1934 (geyser stalagmites) by J. Chromy. The first published description of those are in the contribution of W. Czoernig-Czernhausen (1932-1933). He described them as "Quellenstalagmiten" (spring stalagmites). Vadose hydrological zone in Karst was characterized by F. Pošepny (1893), who used the term vadose also in connection with formation of cavities
    Česká geologická služba
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    25. 3. 2008
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