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    The Pennsylvanian cordaitalean dispersed cuticles from the Upper Silesian Basin (Poland)
    Florjan, Slawomir
    Šimůnek, Zbyněk
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    článek v periodiku
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    Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology
    Roč. 197, č. October
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    cordaites,dispersed cuticlesm,Upper Silesian Basin, cuticular analysis, Westphalian
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   Cordaitalean cuticles represent a great deal of the dispersed cuticular assemblages obtained from coal seams of the Upper Silesian Basin. Cordaitalean cuticles are easy to distinguish having stomatal complexes mostly with two polar and two lateral subsidiary cells. The stomata of the abaxial cuticle usually form stomatal rows or stomatiferous bands. The cuticular types obtained from coal of the Upper Silesian Basin are not identical with any "in situ" cordaitalean cuticles so far described. For the purpose of classifying cordaitalean dispersed cuticles and because it was impossible to correlate adaxial and abaxial cuticles within dispersed cuticular spectra, two new fossil genera are erected - Cordaadaxicutis Šimůnek et Florjan, gen. nov. and Cordaabaxicutis Šimůnek et Florjan, gen. nov. Nine species of Cordaadaxicutis and nine species of Cordaabaxicutis are described. They are from the Westphalian Mudstone Series (Załęże and Orzesze Beds)and the Cracow Sandstone Series (Łaziska and Li
   biąż Beds). Most species were collection from the Duckmantian/Bolsovian Łaziska Beds. The greatest difference between the cordaitalean cuticles from coal and cuticles from mudstones ("in situ" cuticles) is in presence of papillae on cuticles from coal samples. The papillae occur seldom on cuticles isolated from adpressions.
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    15. 10. 2014