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    První rok systematického monitoringu chemického složení atmosférické depozice v koněpruské oblasti
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    Jaroslav Martínek, Václav jr. Cílek, Petr Skřivan
Other titles
    The First Year of the Systematic Monitoring of Chemistry of Atmospheric Precipitation in the Koněprusy Region
    Cílek, Václav, jr.
    Martínek, Jaroslav
    Skřivan, Petr
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    Český kras
    Roč. 24
    s. 46-51
    2 tab., 6 bibl.
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    Zkr. název ser.: Čes. Kras
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    atmosférická depozice
    kyselý déšť
    prvky minoritní
    prvky stopové
    voda povrchová
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    Český kras
    Koněprusy (Beroun)
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   The monitoring of the bulk chemical composition and of selected minor and trace elements content in the atmospheric precipitation has been in progress since November 1996 in the close proximity of the Velkolom Čertovy schody Quarry, in the Koněprusy region (Bohemian Karst). The purpose of the study is to assess the impact of the activities of the quarry and of the lime processing on the overail chemistry of the surrounding environment. Monitored chemical parameters of the atmospheric precipitation were compared with the corresponding data collected in a rural landscape (site of Truba, near Kostelec nad Černými lesy) approx. 30 km SE from Prague. It was found out that the differences in the content and fluxes of majority of the studied elements strongly depend on the position of the individual sampling localities.The region is affected by several sources and types of contamination.
   Terrigenous dust containing mostly fine-grained limestone affects the deposition in the area of the quarry and of close neighbourhood. Long-range transport from the industrial centres and in particular from the Beroun basin is documented mainly in NO3 concentrations. Operation of the lime kiln affects most probably the content of SO42- and F. Contents of selected environmentally sensitive trace elements (As, Be, Cd, Cu, Cr, Zn) are comparable with the reference locality and they correspond to the surficial, moderate contamination of the entire area of central Bohemia
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    13. 2. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012