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    Příspěvek k petrochemii středočeského plutonu
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    František V. Holub
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    Contribution to petrochemistry of the Central Bohemian Plutonic Complex
    Holub, František V.
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    Horniny ve vědách o Zemi
    s. 117-140
    3 obr., 1 tab., 4 s.bibl.
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    diagram petrochemický
    složení draselné
    středočeský pluton
    vápenato-alkalický typ
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    Blatná (Strakonice)
    Sedlčany (Příbram)
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   The Central Bohemian Plutonic Complex (CBPC) is a large igneous body of Hercynian age, which crops out over an area of about 3,000 km2 in central and south-western Bohemian on the boundary between the Moldanubicun and the Barrandian area. It is built up of varied plutonic rocks ranging in composition from mafic (gabbro, hornblendite, melamonzonite, melasyenite) through dominating interleucogranite). More than twenty local petrographic types have been distinguished among granitoids by various authors. On the ground of major-element data it is shown that any common fractionation path for all plutonic rocks of the CBPC does not exist. Using simple variation diagrams and some "key petrochemical parameters" like K2O/Na2O, MgO/CaO, mg-value and molar Al2O3/CaO+Na2O+K2O ratio the plutonic rocks can be separated into several petrochemical groups which have been studied in detail.
   They are as follows: (1) Common pyroxene-hornblende gabbro, biotite-hornblende diorite, tonalite and granodiorite of CBPC. Their chemistry is fully comparable to normal calcalkaline series from some modern activite continental margins. (2) Prevailing hornblende-biotite granodiorites (rarely up to biotite granites) of the Kozárovice, Těchnice, Červená, Blatná and Klatovy types and associated melamonzonitic rocks. (3) Ultrapotassic lamproid plutonites. (4) Low-Ca granites showing an affinity to the lamproid rocks. (5) Low-Ca granodiorites rich in metasedimentary material. (6) Ca-rich acidic granitoids
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    25. 3. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012