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    Suchomasty (Beroun, Beroun)
    Carbon isotope stratigraphy of Lochkovian to Eifelian limestones from the Devonian of central and southern Europe
    Czech Republic and Slovak Republic
    Foraminifers from the Lower/Middle Devonian boundary beds of the Barrandian area, Czech Republic, and their paleoecology
    Geographic and temporal patterns in the late Neogene (12-3 Ma) aridification of Europe : the use of small mammals as paleoprecipitation proxies
    Geologické exkurze k desetiletí Muzea Českého krasu
    Global time scale and regional stratigraphic reference scales of Central and West Europe, East Europe, Tethys, South China, and North America as used in the Devonian-Carboniferous-Permian Correlation Chart 2003 (DCP 2003)
    Kufiri silurian-devonian dhe zonat graptolitike prane tij ne Muhurr (zona e Korabit)
    Muscle scars, systematics and mode of life of the Silurian Family Drahomiridae (Mollusca, Tergomya)
    Palynological and geochemical indicators for a planktonic event at the Silurian/Devonian transition
    Palynomorphs from the Silurian/Devonian GSSP at Klonk (Czech Republic)
    Revision of the anguine lizard Pseudopus laurillardi (Squamata, Anguidae) from the Miocene of Europe, with comments on paleoecology
    Silurian/Devonian boundary sequence: Variation of organic matter as a function of energy fluctuations in the depositional system (Dadas Fm., SE Turkey)
    Silurian/Devonian boundary sequences: global and environmental significance of enhaced bioproductivity