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    Chulitnacula, a new paleobiogeographically distinctive gastropod genus from Upper Triassic strata in accreted terranes of southern Alaska
    Intrusion-related gold deposits associated with tungsten-tin provinces
    Is stoping a volumetrically significant pluton emplacement process? : discussion
    Jak vznikly velké valouny zlata (nuggety)
    Nález zkřemenělých dřev na Aljašce
    New Emsian (late Early Devonian) gastropods from Limestone Mountain, Medfra B-4 quadrangle, west-central Alaska (Farewell Terrane), and their paleobiogeographic affinities and evolutionary significance
    New Silurian-Devonian pseudophorid gastropods
    The oldest known heterobranch gastropod, Kuskokwimia gen. nov., from the Early Devonian of west-central Alaska, with notes on the early phylogeny of higher gastropods
    On the occurrence of Spinidelphinulopsis whaleni (Gastropoda) in the Late Triassic (early Norian) Cornwallis Limestone, Kuiu Island, southeastern Alaska (Alexander terrane) and its paleobiogeographic significance
    Pragian conodont zonal classification in Nevada, western North America
    Review of petrographic and mineralogical evidence for fluid induced dehydration of the mafic lower crust: could there be a relationship between granitoids and granulite facies xenoliths in the Variscan Belt?