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    Eger Rift
    Cenozoic volcanic series in western part of the Bohemian Massif
    The crust-mantle transition and the Moho beneath the Vogtland/West Bohemian region in the light of different seismic methods
    Discovery of the first Quaternary maar in the Bohemian Massif, Central Europe, based on combined geophysical and geological surveys
    Drilling the Eger Rift in Central Europe
    Eger Rift ICDP: an observatory for study of non-volcanic, mid-crustal earthquake swarms and accompanying phenomena
    Evolution of hot-spring travertine accumulation in Karlovy Vary/Carlsbad (Czech Republic) and its significance for the evolution of Teplá valley and Ohře/Eger rift
    Garnet Breakdown, Symplectite Formation and Melting in Basanite-hosted Peridotite Xenoliths from Zinst (Bavaria, Bohemian Massif)
    Geochemical characteristics of the high- and low-Ti basaltic rock association in the uplifted shoulder of the Ohře (Eger) Rift, Western Bohemia/Saxony
    Geochemistry of thermal waters in the northeastern part of the Eger Rift, Czech Republic: implications for 14C dating
    Geochemistry of thermal waters in the northeastern part of the Eger Rift, Czech Republic: implications for 14C dating
    High-Ti basaltic rocks in the uplifted shoulder of the Ohre (Eger) Rift, western Bohemia/Saxony
    Historic and present raw mineral exploration of the volcanic range in Nortwestern Bohemia
    Melilite-bearing igneous rocks in the Bohemian Massif: occurences in the western Ohře (Eger) Rift
    Paragenetic study of autohydrothermal mineralization in amygdaloidal volcanic rocks from Dobranka and Kočičí Hlava Hill, České středohoří Mts
    Seismic structure and location of a CO2 source in the upper mantle of the western Eger (Ohře) Rift, central Europe
    Structural setting of the České středohoří Mts. volcanic centre, Bohemian Massif, central Europe
    Subsurface structure of the volcanic centre of the České středohoří mountains, North Bohemia, determined by geophysical surveys
    Tinguaitic dyke rocks from the Roztoky Volvanic Centre, České středohoří Mts., NW Bohemia
    Upper mantle beneath the Eger Rift (Central Europe): plume or asthenosphere upwelling?
    Využití geofyzikálních odstřelů při seismických refrakčních profilech na stratovulkánu Doupov
    Western Eger (Ohře) Rift - control of near-surface tectonics by mantle junction of paleoplates